Contact us with your preffered way (whatsapp, contact form, email or phone)

We will respond to you and provide you with detailed information about the treatment you want. If you didn’t send your photos when you contacted us, we’ll ask your for your photos to show them to our surgeon and get his professional opinion about your treatment.

We will want you to fill a medical history form.

We will arrange an appointment for you in Turkey, in our clinic and a possible surgery date.

You will buy a plane ticket and share with us.

We will arrange your airport transfer and accomodation after getting details of your plane ticket.

When you arrive Turkey we will welcome you at the airport and make your transport to your hotel.

You will meet with our surgeon and your operation will be done.

We will be always in touch with you after the operation with great care.

Before your departure your last check-up will be made by the surgeon.

You will be transferred to airport again for departure with the change you want.

Thank you for choosing Privia Clinic.