Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh Lift

About Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh lift surgery is also known as thightplasty. It is a cosmetic surgical procedure which has the aim of smoothing and reshaping the upper thighs, by removing excess skin and/or fat. After the thigh lift surgery, patients will have firmer, smoother and aesthetically more atracting thighs. Thigh lift surgery is getting more popular day by day. Especially among people who have loose skin on the thighs after losing substantial amount of weight. Also people who have loose skin on their thighs due to aging or other reasons might consider having the procedure.

What Can Thigh Lift Surgery Achieve

Thighplasty aims to give an enhanced appearance to your thighs as smoothing and reshaping inner and outer thighs, by removing excess fat and skin in these areas. Target of the operation is remove stubborn fat on the thighs that the patient cannot get rid of even though having a healthy diet and doing regular exercise. Thanks to the fat removal on the thighs, the procedure helps achieve having the ideal body goal. However, thighplasty should not be considered as a procedure to aid weight loss. It is essential to have a stable weight for a certain period in order to see the difference better.

The technique to be used throughout the thighlift surgery depends on the case. If the main problem about the thighs is sagging skin, the surgeon removes excess skin and tightens the underlying tissued. The surgeon might use liposuction technique if the issue is having excess fat on the thighs.

Thigh lift surgery usually takes 2 to 4 hours and it is generally performed under general anesthesia.

After the Procedure

After the surgery, you should stay in the hospital for one or two nights. Your situation will be monitored in the meanwhile. It may take 2 to 4 weeks to get back to work while returning sports and exercises takes up to 4 weeks.

The surgeon will likely preescribe you medication for pain and/or antibiotics in case of infection. Gently massaging to the scars also ease the pain and helps accelerate recovery.

Do not get worried when you see swelling and bruising on your thighs, they are common after the thigh lift surgery. Swelling and bruises are likely to disappear in two weeks.

Thigh Lift in Turkey

Thigh lift surgery -also known as thighplasty- is a cosmetic surgical procedure which has the aim of smoothing and reshaping the upper thighs, by removing excess skin and/or fat. Please contact us for further information about thigh lift in Turkey with all the advantages such as cost and working with best experts.

Body Aesthetics

Procedure time
1.5 to 3 hours

Overnight stay
1 to 2 nights

General or local with sedation

Recovery time
6 to 12 months

Return time
3 to 5 day