Breast Cancer Risk & Breast Reduction Surgery

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Breast cancer in recent years, is one of the most encountered illnesses among women, and it is difficult to get through. However, women can determine symptoms by periodically examining themselves. A sensated piece of lump or mass might be the signal of breast cancer.

Why Breast Cancer Happens?

Breast cancer occurs in mammary gland or cells of the tubes that carry milk into the breasts. Even though the experts are not certain about the causes of breast cancer, they are submitting occurs due to genetics or genetic mutations.

Early Diagnosis by Self-Examination

The most significant factor to diagnose breast cancer in early stages is self-examination method. Women can ensure early diagnosis by periodically checking their breasts by rotational motions and, consulting with an expert in case they encounter a piece of mass. Accordingly, breast cancer -while it is still in the first stages- could be stopped and treatment process can begin.

Symptoms of breast cancer may not be so obvious in the first stages. However, since the women will have known their breasts better by periodically examining themselves, possible alterations on the breasts or near armpits will more probably be immediately detected.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery & Why It Is Done?

Breast reduction surgery -in ideal cases- is performed on women who complain about their breasts being larger than they like. Thanks to the procedure, size of the breasts is decreased to the desired size.

During breast reduction surgery, the breast body is reduced by taking some of the sebaceous glands causing the breast to be large.

Risks That May Occur After Breast Reduction Surgery

Bleeding: Bleeding after a breast reduction surgery occurs on rare occasions.

Breast Sensitivity Change: Breast sensitivity after the procedure might be diminished temporarily.

Scars: There are clear or obscured scars left after any surgical procedure. Clarity of the scar depends on the patient.

Pain: Pain on shoulders, back and neck might be observed after breast reduction procedures.

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