Breast Enlargement with Your Own Body Fat

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Applicants for breast enlargement surgery are either who have innately small breasts or who had volume decrease on their breasts due to several reasons. In either way, adding volume to the breasts is what is required to perform. The most common method for this -also known as the golden standard- is silicone implants. However, some women keep staying away from this method.

Silicone implants used to be considered unsafe and unnatural. These days, with the development of gel types, silicone implants are much safer and have many different types. It is now possible to choose size-specific implants for each patient in order to achieve a more natural look. These silicones can be used life-long by the patients which means they are not necessary to be replaced. They also do not cause any negative effects for women who are pregnant or who are breastfeeding.

Using Your Own Fat for Breast Enlargement

The second-most preferred method for breast enlargement is fat injection. Some patients, due to religion or other reasons, may refuse silicone implants since they don’t wish foreign substance in their bodies. These applicants prefer fat injection method to enlarge their breasts. The fat for injection needs to be extracted from another part of the body. Thus, required amount of fatty tissue must exist in a proper body part. Then, the extracted fat is subjected to a purification process. Purified fat is injected through small incisions on the sides of the breasts. This operation can be done under local anesthesia, and the expected recovery time is usually three days.


Fat to inject is decided to be more than the desired amount through surgery since between 30% and 40% of grafted fat dissolves most of the time. A secondary injection will be applied if dissolution becomes higher than that amount. These tissues are your own tissues. So, the shape and volume will possibly change if you lose or gain weight.