Breast Surgeries: How to Decide if You Need One

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You might have thought about the appearance of your breasts before. And perhaps, you have also wished to have them larger or more upright but, you just can’t decide.

The female body -as the phrase- is more vulnerable to physical deformations through time. Besides aging; pregnancy, breastfeeding, and monthly-fluctuating hormones are the main causes of the deformation. Smaller breasts may lose their volume and shape as well as the larger ones. Women with small chests can also have their breasts deflated or drooping down. Are you facing one of these issues or any other? You will find more details as you keep reading.

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If you think you might need a breast augmentation or a breast uplift surgery, maybe altogether, you should consider three main reasons such as the position of the nipples, the breast volume you desire, and your desired breast size.

Position of the Nipples

The nipple and areola may stretch or enlarge, or their position may change due to breast sagging or volume loss. Seeing your nipples point downward, or under the breast, crease can mean you are a good candidate for a breast lift. A breast lift surgery helps raise breast tissue as well as it does reposition nipples and areolas in a more proportionate way. In some cases, nipples and areola can also be reshaped.

Breast Volume

Breast volume is an essential identifier of good-looking breasts. It expresses the roundness and fullness of the breasts. Weight loss -most of the time- leads to breasts becoming smaller or more flat since it comes with the loss of fat tissues. On the other hand, pregnancy and aging lead to breasts becoming larger but deflated. According to these scenarios,  a breast lift or a breast enlargement surgery can be used to restore the breast volume.

Breast Size

Breast size is the most common concern among women who apply for a consultation at Privia Clinic. Some women give complaints about the smallness of their breasts whereas others may face asymmetrical views of their breasts. An expert plastic surgeon in Privia Clinic will explain anything about what breast size is ideal for you to remove your concerns.

Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift Combination

Even though it might not be a necessity in all cases, breast lift and breast augmentation surgeries result in better when they are performed together. In addition, having these surgeries in one can make you save both money and time since two separate procedures require two separate recovery periods. However, having a breast lift a few years later than a breast augmentation is still an option.


Reading this article, you may be considering having surgery more, or you still have some concerns about breast surgery. Privia Clinic provides aesthetic procedures such as breast augmentation and breast uplift in Istanbul. Please contact us for further information about breast augmentation or breast uplift surgery in Istanbul by Privia Clinic.