Do you know your right bra size?

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Did you know that 70 percent of women use bras that are not perfectly fitting to their sizes? Using narrower bands and larger cup sizes than necessary are the most common mistakes. These kinds of bras are mostly uplift bras that have narrowband sizes, causing back pain during the day. But, what are these types of bra sizes?


There are two ways of measurement in order to define the bra size:

Band Size: This is the circumference of the chest, measured under the breasts. This size is determined by the width of the ribs in the front and the sternum, shoulder blades and back muscles. Therefore, this size could not be changed, since these anatomic structures cannot be interfered through a breast enlargement or a breast reduction surgery. Adding 5 to the number when you measure the circumference of your chest will give the band size. For example, if the number is 80, your correct band size will be calculated as 85.

Cup size: This measure indicates the fullness (volume) of the breasts. Measuring tape should pass through nipples. This number gives the breast size, and, cup size is obtained by subtracting the band size from the breast size. Let’s suppose your band size is 85cm. and your breast size is 97cm. The difference between two numbers is 12 which corresponds to “A cup” size.

10-12 cm AA
12-14 cm A
14-16 cm B
16-18 cm C
18-20 cm D
over 20 cm DD

Knowing the correct bra size is essential for defining the size you wish to have after the breast surgery. It is important that the patient and the surgeon make the right size definition for the upcoming surgery. Band size cannot be changed through an aesthetic surgery, but the cup size can. Especially in breast augmentation surgeries, the purpose is to increase the volume of the breasts. This way, an improvement from A Cup to B cup or C cup is achieved. While determining how much the volume will increase, our surgeons in Privia Clinic use many different parameters such as chest cage length and widths, shoulder width, collarbone measurements, as well as bra sizes. As a result of these measurements, our expert surgeons determine how much volume increase will produce natural results for the patient. Defining the right size of the implant to be used is a double-edged sword. Excessively large breasts compared to the body size may cause a vamp appearance, whereas using small implants may end up with the dissatisfaction of the patient in case the desired volume didn’t achieved. That is why all these measurements are crucial.
The patients who consult for breast reduction surgery usually complain about back-pain, neck-pain, sweating under the breast and itching that may occur dependingly, bra straps cutting shoulders etc. Many patients who have been suffering from these complaints for a long time often say “Please remove my breasts completely”. However, both breast and body measurements should be carefully considered in breast reduction surgeries. A breast -that is smaller than it should be after breast reduction surgery- may create a masculine image, while the breast that has not been sufficiently reduced may cause all complaints to continue.
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