About Mommy Makeover


Mommy makeover, which is preferred by women between the ages of 20 and 39, is a more preferred operation every year. According to the American Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, maternal aesthetic procedures have increased by 11 percent over the past few years, and the proportion is increasing day by day. In 2009, 325,000 women in the United States underwent a mommy makeover.

Nothing can be compared to the pleasure of being a mother, but the deformity of the body after pregnancy and the presence of various scars in some areas can often annoy mothers. Even famous names like Angeline Jolie or Michelle Monaghan owe their incredible physics to their aesthetic operation after becoming a mother. Mommy Makeover in Turkey is an operation opportunity that helps mothers to gain their former bodies after having children. An operation that also helps mothers throw themselves back. In terms of appearance, these surgeries, which are also performed by women who move away from the old aesthetic and fit body, increase the self-confidence of the women and eliminate the problems caused by their appearance in their marriages.

Mommy Makeover in Turkey


Mommy makeover, also known as maternal aesthetics procedures, is an aesthetic operation that minimizes deformations in the body of mothers after pregnancy. Mommy makeover includes operations such as breast augmentation or breast lifting as well as abdominal stretching and liposuction. Having a mommy makeover in Istanbul with Privia Clinic is the best way if you are looking for the best price and the best surgeon at the same time. Please contact us for further information.

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What is Mommy Makeover Operation?


Mommy makeover is an aesthetic operation that minimizes deformations in the body of mothers after pregnancy. Mommy makeover includes operations such as breast augmentation or breast lifting as well as abdominal stretching and liposuction.

What is the Most Affected Region in the Body During Pregnancy?


During pregnancy, hormonal changes are most common in the abdomen and breasts. The uterus, which is normally the size of an orange, starts to push the abdominal wall forward with the growth of the baby and perhaps shows its most irreversible effect on the abdominal muscles and the ligaments that connect them, causing these structures to separate from each other and the abdominal wall to become loose and bombard out. This causes the body to deform.


Which Women Affect Pregnancy More?


Pregnancy affects especially thin women. Because the protrusion seen in this type of woman is actually; Although the excess of skin is minimal, the abdominal muscles that have lost their tension cannot support the abdominal organs adequately and these organs are herniated outwards.

Every woman is affected differently from pregnancy and birth. However, some common problems occur with pregnancy. These; protruding abdomen, loosened skin, a sagging chest, especially in the abdominal region, and cracks and fatigue problems. The Motherhood Aesthetics operation provides the chance to eliminate all these problems correctly.


Which Age Group Prefers this Operation?


Today, the fact that women are more in business life has increased the age of having children. Women are now mothers in their 30s and 40s. Having a child after college education and a successful career was favored by many women. As a result of this table; a deformed body, sagging breasts, a swollen stomach, and hips appear as excess. When diets and exercises don’t work, the aesthetics Mommy makeover can help for a tighter body. We do abdominal stretching surgeries to eliminate loose abdomen, breast reduction, stiffening or enlargement surgeries to prevent growth and sagging of the breasts, and lip shaping to reduce fat accumulation. Mommy makeover is more important for women who have more than one birth, not for the first time. Mommy makeover is generally preferred by women who are not planning a pregnancy again. However, a woman who undergoes this surgery will have some loosening in her abdomen and breasts later when she becomes pregnant, but never deforms after the first pregnancy.


What Operations Does Mommy Makeover Include?


Tummy Tuck Tummy Tightening; liposuction consists of breast surgery. Tummy Tuck Tummy Tightening; tightens the abdominal region, helps to get rid of excess skin. If there is no excess of skin and there is only a bulging in the abdominal wall, endoscopic abdominal stretching can be used to achieve abdominal tightening without leaving a scar. In addition, continuous exercises help this process. Liposuction is a healthy and necessary way to get rid of the weight that occurs during pregnancy. Sometimes fat sticks to the body stubbornly, and diets and exercises cannot help. Liposuction eliminates this fat clutter and also restores the body’s natural shape. Breast surgery also has an important place.