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About Dental Implant


Dental implants are used for missing teeth and are mostly made of titanium. Titanium is the most bio-compatible material for the human body. The ingredients in it are not affected by liquids in the mouth. Therefore, adverse conditions such as inflammation and allergic reaction have not occurred. Local anesthesia is used in implant treatment so you will never feel pain when it is during. One implant takes only 10 minutes. In the first visit, implants are placed into the bone and then waiting 3 months for osseointegration. Your first visit can be one day but the second session takes 5 days and measurements are performed over the implants.

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About Porcelain Laminate Veneers


Porcelain Laminates are approximately 0.4 – 0.6 mm. thick and made of only porcelain. They are cemented to the front surface of teeth. The use of veneers is an indispensable minimally invasive technique for changing the color and shape of teeth. These restorations can be an answer to patients’ esthetic needs. The measurements and dental pictures are performed on the first day and cementation is done after 3 days. Because porcelain laminates are prepared in a laboratory. All your treatment can be performed in 4 days.

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About Dental Bleaching


Dental bleaching can be done in the home and/or in the office. Office bleaching uses special techniques with gels for approximately 45 minutes per session. Home bleaching, patients take a dentist-supplied tray, which has been individually prepared, put the whitening gel in it, and then put the tray over the teeth for a few hours a day for a week. Generally, dentists think that the most long-lasting results are achieved through a combination of office and home sessions.

About Zirconium Porcelain


Zirconium is also metal but ıts color is white so it provides an esthetic advantage for patients. In the anterior region, full ceramic crowns can be used; in the posterior region, zirconium reinforced porcelain crowns and bridges can be used. It is prepared in a laboratory so it takes 4 days for cementation.