Side boob trend and how to achieve it

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Side boob is the most in demand trent lately. Media shows more and more attention on the side boob every day. The more media is interested the more it draws interest among women. You could have some background on side boob and how to achieve it reading this article.

What is side boob

As it is obvious by the name, side boob is what you see when a woman reveals the side of her breasts in her clothing. Side boob could be also considered as the new cleavage since it is a new way of draw attention among women and also draws much attention by the men.

Plenty of women want to subtly show their side boobs. Side boob occurs naturally in some women while the other part of women need cosmetic procedures to achieve it. 

How to achieve having side boob

In order to achieve side boob, the most direct way is to enhance the breast size with fat grafting, breast implants or both.

Breast augmentation is one of the most-preferred procedures to enhance the shape and size of the breasts. Choosing the right profile and thickeness of the breast implant helps achieve the side boob goals.

Choosing silicone breast implants of a thickness and a profile proportioante to your body reduces the risk of rippling and wrinkling. Having very little amount body fat  and choosing too thick fort he body proportion causes a risk of seaeing and feeling the edge of the breast implants.

Fat grafting is another technique to enhance the appearance and profile of the breasts. In fat grafting method, fat from another part of the body is removed through liposuction and placed into breasts after it is processed and purified. Fat grafting to the side of the breast implants greatly reduces the risk of having rippling and wrinkling after the procedure. Fat grafting considerably improves the appearance of breasts on the sides.