Revealing Cleavage Requires Aesthetics, Not Courage

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Nowadays, breast augmentation surgery is one of the most commonly applied aesthetical procedures. Breast augmentation is mostly preferred by women who innately have small breasts, who lost their breast volume due to giving birth and breastfeeding, and who survived breast cancer. The result is almost always smiling lips and thankful eyes.

The main expectation from breast enlargement surgery is an increase in size and many patients get stuck with the volume of implants to be used. Most of our applicants come to our clinic with the words: “You had added X  cc silicone into the breasts of a friend of mine, and it’s spectacular. I want the same ”. However, the focal point here must be the shape of the breasts, instead of the implant size

The proper definition of expectations of shape and size after the surgery is crucial. Thus, each patient must be assessed upon their own anatomical and aesthetic criteria of both the chest and the whole body. These measurements are made by looking at ratios such as the width and length of the chest wall, shoulder width, the gap between both breasts, and the size and placement of the nipples. The patient’s height, back structure, waist and abdomen, and body type are also the factors to determine the results.

Points we consider for the post-surgery:

  • Proper fullness of cleavage area
  • Proper distance between both breasts
  • No overflow from the edges
  • Symmetry and placement of nipples

Medium-sized breasts and apparent fullness of the upper chest result in a natural and aesthetic appearance for petite women who are short and have narrow chest areas. For tall women who are thin and have narrow shoulders, the breast shape shouldn’t be like a globe, and, the contour line of the cleavage must be lighter. Considering women who are more athletic, and, have been exercising for a long time, a result that is proper to muscular and wide structure of the chest by means lower chest and cleavage area are equally full, should be aimed. So, an aesthetically pleasing appearance is achieved when wearing strapless blouses, thong bikinis, or cleavage-revealing clothes.

Primary questions before a breast augmentation surgery must be “What is the ideal breast shape for my body type?”, “What kind of bras should I be wearing after the procedure?”, and, “How can I achieve a natural and aesthetical appearance without looking vamp?”. Then, you should ask “Drop or round?”, “Under or onto the chest?”, and “How much silicone?”.

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